Patty Cooper Wells often bases her colorful acrylic paintings upon charcoal studies or photographs. Her canvases attempt to capture a feeling of emotion, light, or sound radiating from her subjects.

Often playfully asking viewers,”What colors do you believe in?”, she believes she has found kindred spirits in the artists of the early twentieth century. “I have always related to the bold works of the fauves, futurist and expressionist artists.  Italian painter Carlo Carra once spoke of painting with ‘colors experienced in time and not in space’. That is what I hope to do. I believe that art should be a mystical experience.”

Patty also takes great inspiration from the experimental and often irreverent Dada artists which is evident in her more recent work with assemblages and collages. Patty Cooper Wells’  paintings and assemblages are available for special gallery exhibits and individual sale. Patty will also consider creating special works on commission and murals as well.